What We Offer



We will buy your house AS-IS. To many of our customers this is their favorite feature we offer. Don’t waste your time and hard earned money repairing a house that you only intend to get rid of. Sell it to us AS-IS and let us do the hard work.



We pay cash for your home. What this means is that we are not obtaining financing to purchase your home but instead using cash. There are no contingencies (approvals needed to obtain a loan) for financing which is a major hurdle many other buyers deal with but we do not. We make sure your sale is actually going to go through.



We will meet you in person with a contract to purchase your home if you are local. If you prefer an alternate form of delivery, such as overnight delivery or email, we can do that also. Whatever method you prefer, we can make that happen for you.



Once we are in receipt of a signed seller contract we can generally close in 10 business days or less. All of our purchases are handled by a licensed Florida title company who is an independent third party. It is not necessary for you to attend the closing in person; we can make it convenient for you by giving you the option to do it remotely if you wish. Your proceeds can be delivered by wire transfer or by mailing in a certified funds check once the closing has been completed.



There are no closing costs or commissions to sell your home. We pay all the costs it takes to sell your home in a real estate closing. We only cover the title company’s related charges regarding your sale and guarantee no real estate commission will be charged to you. We do not pay any seller property liens, back real estate taxes owed, document stamp taxes (transfer taxes), or any other lien owed by the seller.



We understand the sensitivity involved with selling your home. Our team of professionals are here to make your sale go as smoothly as possible. We purchase properties in all kinds of scenarios (Probate, divorce, etc.)We even purchase properties with renters on a lease or occupants in need of eviction. We know how to handle any situation you have with courtesy and professionalism.

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